2slot PCI and Matrox 64bit Video Card

Product: CB2 (2slot PCI)
This video is about using the Magma 2slot expansion chassis running Matrox Dual Port64bit PCI graphics card,which means the video card in installed in the Expansion.

The expansion is attached to a Laptop running Windows XP.
There are 3 external monitors used in this demo..
2 active external monitors are attached to Matrox card
The 3rd monitor is attached directly to laptop.

The 2slot Expansion Chassis is made by www.magma.com
It is a 64bit Expansion that uses an ExpressCard54, which is inserted to a Laptop express card slot.

Product info on 2slot Expansion: http://www.magma.com/2slot.asp

PCI Video card model:LV32P1.
max resolution: QXGA, 2048 X 1536
PCI 66MHz/ 33MHz



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