Upgrade PCI-X Expansion Unit

For more information go to http://expansionsystem.com and you can buy the board set upgrade kit from http://www.magma.com.
Transforming a 7slot PCI based expansion unit to PCIE-PCIx expansion.
This upgrade is only applicable to a unit that is 4 yrs old.
Units that are over 4 yrs old are not upgradeable because the enclosure won't be able to accommodate the new expansion board set.
The board set used in this video is called PE6NE-I.
The old 7 slot is 32bit 33Mhz. The new board is 64bit.66Mhz. With this upgrade you can now connect your expansion unit to a MacPro Intel machine or any new PCIe computers.



Expansion Technology said...

This is also applicable to old PE6R4 unit. All you have to do is to remove the existing PE6R4 BOARD in the chassis and install the new PE6NE-I expansion board, you also have to replace the cable and host card interface card, watch the entire video

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