ExpressBox 16 Smart

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] Multi-Host 16 Slot PCI Express® Expansion System Remotely Manage Sixteen I/O Cards Attached to Multiple Servers Smart, Manageable, Multi-Host Expansion PCI Express connectivity has matured well beyond the early days of PCI into a fully capable "outside the box" high-speed interconnect for the most demanding mission critical applications in HPC and IT infrastructures. As cloud computing and remote services become standard, offering a flexible, manageable, and cost effective expansion solution is demanded for high-speed Ethernet, HBAs, fibre channel SAN controllers, GPUs, video accelerators, and more. Designed for high performance computing (HPC) and data center environments •Partition expansion slots among four individual servers •Add any combinations of x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCIe cards •x8 or x16 interconnect options - speeds up to 80Gbps •850W, 1700W or 850W redundant power supply •Remote monitoring with SNMP and Web Interface •Add (16) slots through a single host slot ExpressBox 16 expands one host PCIe® slot to sixteen slots by extending PCI Express signals over a high-bandwidth x8 or x16 connection to an external Magma enclosure. When combined with Magma's software utility, Express I/O Manager, technology managers have the flexibility to partition slots inside the expansion chassis to up to four separate servers. Express I/O Manager also provides access to monitor the most critical components like power temperature, fans and PCI Express links through an Ethernet connection. The software tool can be integrated with any SNMP agent in the IT network. Expansion Partitioning Between Multiple Servers A unique feature of the Express Box 16 Smart allows the PCIe expansion slots to be partitioned and between 4 different servers. Using the Express IO Manager, 3 different partitioning configurations can be selected. In the default configuration, all 16 expansion slots are accessed by one host computer. Configurations 3and 3 provides up to 3 expansion cards per server at x16 speeds, and up to seven expansion cards for a fourth server at x8 speeds. A separate host adapter is required for each server. [endtext]


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