Protools Core Installation in PE6R4-I

This is a basic demo on how to Install Digidesign Protools core PCI card in PE6R4-I. This is an expansion unit made Magma (


Expansion Technology said...

The Pro Tools Core card gets installed next the primary slot in the Magma chassis.

The Primary slot has a KAPTOPN Tape on, this slot is not active and can't be used at all.
The slot where you install the Pro Tools Core card is labeled "SLOT9".

When installing more than 1 Pro Tools cards make sure not to forget to connect the TDM golden-brown flex cable correctly. There's a proper way to connect it, from Port B of Core Card to Port A of Process or Accel card.

If you have another Accel or Process Card, do the same method, From port B of Accel Card to Port A of Accel Card.

For the Magma PCIe Host Interface card, you install it inside the Intel MacPro using the 4th PCIE slot.

This is the slot farthest away from the internal video card.

Before installing the Magma PCIE host card, you have to make sure the two DIP switches, labeled as SW1, are set to X4.

A working and functional Host card should show four RED LED's lit d and one GREED LED.

And if you by any chance forgot to set the Host card to X4, you'll see six RED LEDs lit and one GREEN. This means that the Host card is set to X8 mode.

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