PCIE Host Card Installation

Product: PCIE Host Card

This is a simple video tutorial on how to install the Magma Host Card in MacPro and which slot to use.
Host card part# 01-04978-01

First thing to do is to set the two dip switches on the card to X4 mode.
There are two settings on the card X4 and X8 modes. The card by default should be set to X4.

Use slot#4 in Mac Pro when installing the Host card. The slot#4 is the slot farthest away from the video card inside the MacPro.
The 4th slot connector runs at a X4 speed, and the host card is set to operate at a x4 mode as well.

Once you have successfully configured and installed the Host card, you can tell that the card is operating properly by the presence of FOUR RED LEDs and ONE Green LED on it[endtext]


Expansion Technology said...

Similar method applies to any computers with PCIE slots on the MOBO.
If the pcie slot is X8 or x16 you need to set the dip switches to X8.
If the pcie slot ix x4 them the dip switches should be set to x4.

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