3.3v and 5v 2slot PCI

How to spot or identify whether your 2slot expansion board uses 3.3v or 5v PCI slot connectors.

Comparing two 2slot 64bit chassis units that have two different pci voltage connector, one is 3.3v and the other is 5v.

The name PCI has been derived from Peripheral Component Interconnect which describes a set of industry standard computer bus architectures which are used to connect components on the computer main board to each other, and also provides an expansion bus to install add-in cards.

Regarding the designation of a PCI board or slot as "3.3V," "5V" or "universal," all of these pertain to the PCI signaling levels (i.e.: logic levels), and not to a power requirement.

Also, the main purpose is to prevent installation of 5V-only cards into 3.3V slots and vice-versa, the slot connectors are keyed so that cards can only be inserted into slots with the corresponding signal level.

Many PCI add-in cards can work with either 3.3V or 5V signal levels, so they are keyed for either of the slot types.



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