Ethernet Installation in EB7 unit

Product: EB7

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This video shows you what unit to use to connect 7 Ethernet PCIE Cards to Host Computer that has one available PCIE Slot.
Using a 7slot PCI-e expansion unit (made by to accommodate seven PCIE cards in which the Host computer is unable to provide due to limited PCIE slots.
The 7slot PCI-e expansion allows any computers to expand or add more available PCI-e slots.

The Magma PCI Express to PCI Express Expansion system provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the available PCI Express slots of workstations and servers. This allows for significant cost savings to companies since it eliminates the need to invest in new computer hardware to be able to accommodate the growing need of I/O expandability.

Cost-effective Solution for Expanding I/O capacity
Magma ExpressBox7 provides a cost-effective path to expand the available number of PCI Express slots while maintaining consistent server or workstation configuration. The product provides increased I/O capacity and scalability.

Easy Installation
Magma ExpressBox7 consists of a PCI Express Host Card, a cable and a chassis. Magma ExpressBox7 is automatically configured by the System BIOS making all of the slots appear transparent to the host computer.

Optimal method to enhancing your PCI Express I/O capabilities
ExpressBox7 is an expansion solution that provides 7 full-length PCI Express slots.This is a standalone chassis in an industry standard enclosure with its own power supply. The PCI Express slots are hot-swappable.The chassis allows the flexibility to expand the I/O capabilities of a server or workstation seamlessly capitalizing on the transparency of PCI Express architecture.



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