Pro Tools PCIe cards & EB7

Product: EB7

This video takes you to a closer look of the Digidesign Pro Tools application that we run in the 7slot PCI-express expansion unit. And to show you what hardware to use and how the Magma unit connects and communicates to the computer.
• The Expansion board has (7) PCI Express slots, it is x16 connectors, and runs at x4 speeds
• The PCI-e host interface card is x8 PCI Express connector, and x4 slot speeds
• The Magma connects to the MacPro via PCI-e host interface card and Ipass Cable. The Magma PCI-e host interface card plugs into the 2nd available PCI-e slot in the MacPro.
• There are seven Digidesign Pro Tools HD PCI-e cards, one Pro Tools HD core card and six Pro Tools Accel card.
• The MacPro Intel computer is running 10.6.5.
Why do we need the expansion? The MacPro Intel machine has only 3 available PCI-e slots, wherein you can only run three Digidesign Pro Tools cards.
In order to run or to be able to run 7 Digidesign Pro Tools cards you need a conduit that would accommodate these 7 PCi-e cards, and that's where the Magma 7slot PCI-e expansion unit comes in.



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